Some Indian customers of the Nord 3 are being allowed to test the OxygenOS 14 version of Android by OnePlus.

To participate in the “closed beta program,” users will also need to meet a few prerequisites. Beta updates can have a lot of flaws, so users should be aware of it – The OnePlus Nord 3.

Simply put – The OnePlus Nord 3.

  • The firmware version CPH2491_13.1.0.561(EX01) must be downloaded by OnePlus Nord 3 users.
  • Users may see some data loss as a result of the update, according to OnePlus.
  • Backups of user data are encouraged.

Prior of the stable deployment, OnePlus is allowing a restricted group of OnePlus Nord 3 owners in India to try OxygenOS 14. 500 individuals may sign up for the “closed beta” upgrade, according to information posted on OnePlus’ official community forum, and they will be able to offer feedback and suggestions to the company to help it improve the software. To participate in the “closed beta program,” users will also need to meet a few prerequisites. Beta updates can be full of flaws, which makes the program experience janky, therefore users must be aware of this. The phone may begin to have problems in some uncommon circumstances.

Users of the OnePlus Nord 3 should download firmware version CPH2491_13.1.0.561(EX01). Go to Settings > About device > Availability to check for availability. To apply, select Apply and then tap the symbol in the top right corner.

Users will receive the version, and five working days after the application channel closes, OnePlus will review the application. The user will receive the version in three business days if the company passes the review. Users will need to choose Settings > About device > Download Now to download a new package.

Users may experience data loss after the update, according to OnePlus. Data backup is advised for users. According to the forum, the CBT (closed beta test) version is still under development and is not regarded as a stable build.

The OxygenOS 14 beta version, which is based on Android 14, has various flaws that the manufacturer has also noticed. When an incoming call comes in, users can experience problems with the charge icon or ringtones. In addition, they can experience a “black screen when swiping left or right at the bottom of the screen to switch between recent apps.” On the Weather alert page, unusually long screenshots might also show up.

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